Accounting upgrade

Our main intervention consists of assisting accounting teams in the production of reliable financial states and it includes:

  • The analysis and justification of all accounts;
  • The lettering of accounts;
  • The accounting of closing inventories ;
  • The practice of necessary depreciation ;
  • The recording of provisions corresponding to impairments or losses ;
  • The linking of charges and products to the relevant exercises according to the principle of independence of accounting periods ;
  • The determination of the accounting result for the year ;
  • The determination of the taxable income for the year ;
  • The calculation and accounting of the tax to be paid ;
  • The determination of the net result of the current year.


From the data of the general accounts, it will be for the companies which have several activities, to be able to measure, the performance of each of them. Our work focuses on

  • The development of the analytical accounting plan;
  • The analytical codes ;
  • The analytical sections ;
  • The balance and the analytical book ;
  • The analytical income statement.

Implementation of annual budgets                   

Our intervention consists in assisting the company to set up its operating and investments budgets. Budgets are tools for control managements, from which it will then be possible to compare the achievements to the forecast, and to identify the discrepancies recorded, which will be explained and analyzed.

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