Business plan – business valuation

The set-up of a business plan

Our work will include :

  • Establishing the initial working capitals requirement ;
  • Determining each year, the operating cash-flow ;
  • Determining changes in working capital requirements over each period;
  • Validating additional investments;
  • Constituting the cash-flow available;  
  • Establishing a financing plan over five years ;
  • Establishing a forecast balance over a five-year period.

This document is required in order to obtain external financing, especially from banks.

company evaluation

The work to be achieved in view of a possible opening of capital, or to know its fair value. Depending on the company, there are three approaches which are notably:

  • Financial approach
    « the company is worth what it will bring »;
  • Heritage approach
    « the company is worth what it owns »;
  • Comparative approach
    « the company is worth what comparable assets are actually paid for by operators on the markets »

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