SMART VIDEO surveillance system

With a partner such as Mobotix which is specialized in tailor made surveillance, we offer you IP video surveillance that will be adapted to your needs notably through cameras 10 times more efficient than classic cameras. These are smart cameras with incredible features.


All of MOBOTIX cameras have higher resolution systems, meaning you possess 12 times more details in the zooming of a saved image, compared to a classic technology.

Therefore, only one MOBOTIX camera with 90° spam, which was placed in corner space in a room will allow its user to monitor the entirety of the room, while offering a higher resolution than other systems.

With this technology, it is possible to:

  • Schedule alerts based on specific events;
  • Save captures n the internal memory of the camera in order to reduce storage costs;
  • Have control over your camera from anywhere in the world via internet;
  • Send alerts via mail or phone calls in case of emergencies;
  • Save images on a remote server;
  • Enhance motion detecting and triggering (By tracking moving objects);
  • Search and sort video clips according to predefined criteria
    (time, date, location of the image …).

You can manage your camera from your IPAD, or any phone having a web browser.

Video management software are completely free. It is a robust and durable system, thanks to the cameras’ resistance to weather conditions (These cameras could be installed and function even in the most extreme weather conditions).

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