establishement of DSF-OHADA

Discover exclusively the software OPTIMUS DSF-Ohada, the undisputable leader and powerful ally in the management of your accounts.

This management software the user to publish in a quick, precise way, the entirety  of your financial statements and your statistical and tax declarations that each state of the OHADA grouping requires for each enterprise, no matter which accounting software is used.

Do not waste any more time: save time and money with the software OPTIMUS DSF – OHADA!

  • Leading software with label in the CEMAC region « the only one approved by the ONECCA since 2003»
  • Ever evolving and simple to use interface: Establish with a few clicks the 41 tables required from the DSF and countless other documents…
  • Internal / external securing and traceability of every data of the company through a physical key.
  • Multi companies use: Set up for an unlimited number of companies’ accounts
  • Multi-station:
    configuration and simultaneous usage of networks for several users’ files.
  • Internal / external communication eased up by the possibility of transferring files via the internet.
  • Quick and optimized training lasting a day (instead of three months) with our IT engineers.
  • Premium quality service:
    Intervention and assisting on the updates.

OPTIMUS DSF-Ohada is a software tailor-made to answer the needs of accounting services in enterprises and expert accountants’ offices.

Interfaced or not with accounting software, it performs:

  • The complete treatment of annual accounts,
  • The establishment of the tax form bundles with a final printing showing the reports on the annual accounts.

It is the perfect tool for those who wish to work efficiently and profit from a comfortable and reliable working environment.

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