ideal for the management of your fleet of vehicles

OPTIMUS GesPark is the right solution that will allow you to manage your automobile fleet in a careful and efficient way.






our objectives

  • Careful tracking of vehicles ;                               
  • Optimization f logistic costs ;
  • Planning of vehicles and equipment’s displacements ;
  • Guarantee of the availability of vehicles ad equipment for any logistical or transport needs.

functional specifications

With OPTIMUS GesPark, you can:

  • Access all detailed information on all the vehicles in the fleet ;
  • Identify all administrative, technical and financial information regarding each and every vehicle ;
  • Keep all information regarding the fuel consumption of each vehicle ;
  • Planning of operations regarding technical and administrative controls of vehicles with alerts in case of evens related to them ;
  • Provide information on the condition, composition and renewal of the fleet ;
  • Compare expenses per vehicle, their use and the methods of acquisition based on specific cost prices;
  • Record information related to the acquisition and the allocation of a vehicle;
  • Follow the activity schedule of the different drivers ;
  • Manage the availability of the vehicles and the drivers;
  • Record, classify and consolidate repair claims, in order to better coordinate and plan work on the vehicles;
  • Monitor the progress of repairs and the overall workload of the workshops;
  • Planning of vehicle control operations: individual monitoring of vehicles in order to plan and prepare technical inspections.

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