OPTIMUS Immob: management software for real estates

So you have decided to personally handle your real estate property, ORYX Consulting is offering you a software that will assist you in that effect.

What is OPTIMUS Immob?   

Optimus Immob is a software designed to make it easy for you to manage your real estate assets. This software will allow to gain in time and money. With Optimus Immob, you won’t be needing to use your Excel files to generate your rent receipts for instance. This software is therefore a real estate agent at your convenience.

Features of OPTIMUS Immob 

The software Optimus Immob has he following features:

Building Management Module

This module allows the user to manage buildings such as apartments, houses, warehouses, villas etc…

It is :

  • The registration of elements forming the asset (buildings, warehouses, apartments, villa, etc…). The aim is to inform about the characteristic elements of the different villas, buildings, warehouses (name, neighborhood, photo, town, area, number of apartments, etc…) and to compile them in a database. 
  • The registration of different apartments and studios present in a building. 
  • Give detailed information on each building, villa, warehouse (area, location etc…).

Rental Management Module

This module features the following:
It is more precisely to inform the characteristic elements of the different

  • Registration of the tenants in the buildings, studios, villas and warehouses as well as the list of documents to provide upon renting the space. 
  • Registration and follow-up of the rental agreements. 
  • Registration and follow-up on rent payments (payment in advance, partial payment, full payment). 
  • Consultation on due dates.
  • Management of subscriptions (Registration, cancellation of contracts) of tenants.
  • Automatic notification via email of due dates to the tenants.
  • Managements of deposits per apartments, villa, houses or warehouses.

Report Management Module

This module features the following:                                     

  • List of tenants in each building. 
  • Information on each tenant in the building, villa, warehouse… at a specific time. 
  • Information on buildings ( number of apartments per building, number of villas, number of stores, type of stores, type of apartment, location of buildings, list of taxes associated to the real estate company).
  • List of occupied and empty apartments.
  • List of tenants affiliated to an insurance company. 
  • History of invoice payments by tenants.
  • List of contracts having reach due dates.
  • List of concierges.

Expenditure Management Module

This module is aimed at producing the report on expenditures. OPTIMUS Immob gives you the following information:

  • The total expenditures per building, apartment, villa, warehouse and their comparison with assets of the same nature.
  • The asset on which there has been the most spending.
  • The nature and the cost of refection per asset.


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