dematerialization of suppliers’ invoices

The issue is to dematerialize invoices in order to organize the convergence between the position of customers and that of suppliers.


  • Control over payment deadlines ;                                             
  • Visibility of the process both internally and externally ;
  • Information sharing ;
  • Automation and processing validation ;
  • Reduction of calls and raises ;
  • Better cash flow forecast ;
  • Accounting traceability ;
  • Conservation: secure archiving.

Dematerialization process

  • Scanning

Capture of invoices from paper towards an electronic support (PDF, Word …) with a scanner.

  • Registration

Entering of the invoice data in the software (Invoice number, N° de facture, wording, date, amount, supplier’s name …).

  • Validation circuit

Processing the invoice in a workflow until the validation of the said invoice

  • Storing

Archiving and filing of the electronic invoice in the database.

  • Integrating into accounting

Connection to the accounting system for the input and the validation of the payment.

The added value with the module of management of expenses

  • Customers management

Keep information on different customers of the company (name, type, category, location, contact etc…), keep other customers statistics such as: the number of missions for the customer, the number of participants, the detailed cost of interventions, etc…

  • Users and admin management
    • Allow the creation of diverse accounts (administrative accounts, user accounts);
    • Set up a hierarchy on the users accounts based on criteria such as grade, position;
    • Provide justification for mission expenses from a user directly from his user account;
    • Allow certain certified users to validate the submitted expenses reports directly from their accounts ;
    • Table allowing to obtain the overall and detailed statistics of the different users.
  • File management
    • Enable the electronic management of vouchers (files);
    • Allow the archiving of documents based of various criteria;
    • Workflow: define the expenses report validation circuit.

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