Oryx Consulting : your partner for counseling and management software

EbankIT : Mobile banking for all operating systems

Mobile banking is a channel for mobile devices which implements banking transactions for individual and corporate clients based on an electronic channel platform. It
presents a secure solution, with transactional components
and content management integration.

OPTIMUS Assets : Assets inventory and management Software

OPTIMUS Assets is a solution to manage, monitor and control thephysical inventory offixed assetsfrom their acquisitionuntil disposal. This software covers all functionalities of inventories and control:

  • The initialization of inventory sessions
  • The identification with barcode labels on fixed assets and their
    locations, manufactured by our partner Camcode, the world leader and ISO 55000 from the United States of America
  • Monitoring of fixed assets in real time
  • The accounting calculations (depreciation, net book value)
  • The photo taken of the fixed asset andtheir integration intothe asset register
  • The geolocation of assets outside the company’s premises (example: commercial fridges)
  • The mapping of inventoried fixed assets

OPTIMUS Invoices : Electronic invoicing system – suppliers

ORYX Consulting offers a software solution for electronic invoicing-suppliers. The objectives are:

  • The control in payment deadlines
  • The visibility of internal and external processes
  • The sharing of information and documentation
  • The computerization and validation of treatment
  • The reduction in calls and reminders
  • Better cash flow forecast
  • The accountant traceability
  • The Secure Data Archiving

OPTIMUS GESPARK: Car park’s Management Software

OPTIMUS GESPARK lets you take control of your car park. The advantages of our solution are as follow:

  • Precise tracking of vehicles
  • The management of fuel expenses
  • The management of vehicle allocation
  • The management of vehicle maintenance
  • The management of staff affected
  • The vehicle rental management

OPTIMUS Immob: Software management of Civil Society of Real Estate

The management of real estate is a task that requires much precision because it is important to have control of all of his premises. With OPTIMUS Immob, Oryx Consulting guarantees:

  • The management of  your property
  • The rental management of your apartments and flats
  • The maintenance and monitoring your real estate

OPTIMUS DSF-Ohada: Computerization software of Statistics and Tax Statement

OPTIMUS DSF-Ohada software is perfectly suited to the needs of accounting firms and expertise Cabinets. Interfaced or not with the accounting software, it performs:

  • Comprehensive treatment of the annual accounts
  • The establishment of the Tax statement with final printing of the brochure presenting annual accounts.

ORYX Consulting firm also proposes consulting in finance.

 In order to support entrepreneurs and decision makers in their strategic decision-making, we offer sharp services covering:


  • Treatment of outstanding bank account

  • Strategic choice of long-term and short-term investment

  • Development of business plan

  • Business valuation

  • Financial reporting and financial management

  • Migration of PCGC to the OHADA accounting repository

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