software for the physical inventory of fixed assets

OPTIMUS Assets is a software for the physical inventory of fixed assets and therefore of the daily follow-up (moving, depreciation, user change, etc…) of those assets from the day of acquisition until their exit from the group. OPTIMUS Assets is a flexible solution that can adapt to any enterprise no mater its field of activity. This software covers all inventory and control features such as:

  • Initialization of inventory sessions;
  • Identification through bar-codes of fixed assets;
  • Follow-up of assets in real time;
  • Accounting calculations (depreciation, accounting net value).

On top of classic features, our software offers you the following added options:

  • The photo taken of the goods and their integration in the fixed assets record;
  • The geo-location of the company’s external assets (Example:  fridges).

You have worries about realizing your inventories and their daily follow-up, OPTIMUS Assets is:

An adaptation to your constantly evolving specific needs 

  • Integrate your specific needs ;
  • Meets your new requirements ;
  • A highly configurable tool that can adapt particularly to your IT system and to your situation.

A sharp security

  • Protect the access to the application with a login/password combination as well as a security key ;
  • Easily manage access rights by configuring permissions in the application.

A decision taking system

  • Configure your validation circuit through a work flow ;
  • Access at any time the history of actions taken in the software.

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A powerful tool for management control and audit

  • With a filter for each subgroup, it is easy to know all the assets in the subgroup ;
  • Control your inventories and establish a report (through Excel, PDF, Word …).

A gain in productivity

  • Manage your fixed assets, maximize profitability and increase productivity ;
  • Automatically write down your deprecations.


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